How to get credits without paying?

Donating to our server helps a ton to cover our expenses with things such as server cost, maintenance, website, files and much more. However, our server strive to promote more activity in game and that's why we setup ways players that can achieve credits by working hard and being active in the server. Here are list of activities that you can get credits for FREE.

  1. The best way to help a server out and get credits at the same time - VOTING.
    Voting for our server helps us rank higher and reach more players to play to our server. It's a win-win situation.
  2. Exchange Online Hours to Credits is another way you can get credits.
  3. Join in-game events almost every minute we have tons of automated events going on. By joining, you can both have fun and receive credits nonetheless.


Don't worry, we will update the list everytime we found new ways to get credits. Got a burning question? Contact US through our support section.

Currently this is only one server.