IllusionMU Season 9 Initial Release

While our team is working on Season XII and continued progress of fixing bugs and issues we are planning to release the season 9 version of IllusionMU for the mean time. This means that once Season 12 is ready to go, we are upgrading straight to season 12 or 13. This would take a month or so.

For the season 9 we are opening it next thursday for all players, but here are some important notes to know:
- Read the server info
We are moving from a medium server to a FAST server, which means there will be alot of changes e.g you will get items a lot faster and level up is faster etc. We will release the server info within the next few days. 
- We will only have 1 shop which is the webshop. In game shop is fully disabled. 
- All items from GaionMu Season 8 will be transferred to IllusionMU Season 9
- All accounts will be transferred and all accounts/characters that were banned WILL BE UNBANNED. 
- Credits will not be transferred this is final. 
We only have Credits and Gold Credits to use in the webshop. 
- Freebies is only for newbies which means if you have an account in GMU, you cannot claim a freebie.
- If you have a missing item you can not recover it back. Transfer items from season 8 to season 9 are final. 
- If you cannot remember your account user/pass you must come talk to me. Don’t try to fool me in getting other player’s accounts since I will ask your security questions/email to prove that it’s your account.

- if anyone is really interested in helping our server out in testing today until wednesday, pm me.

Lastly, forget about the past and start a new beginning with peace, love and harmony 😂😂

More updates will be posted!

Posted04 / 05 / 2018Bypxmous

Currently this is only one server.