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Basic Server information:
Version: Season 9.5
Experience: x9999999 - FAST STATIC EXP
Master experience: x9999999
Drop: 80%
Maximum level: 400
Maximum master level: 440
Points per level: 5/7/7
Points per master level: 1
Maximum stat: 32767
Mu Helper: from level 30
Mu Helper cost: 200 Zen * level
Pk clear cost: 3kk Zen * pk count 
Monster Spots in all maps
Elf Soldier buff Till: 300 level
Create level MG, DL = 1
Create level RF, Sum = 1

Monthly *1 Hour Discounted Webshop! 50% off all ITEMS

Reset System:
Reset level = 400
Reset Level for VIPs = 350
Reset limit = NONE
After reset free stat points:
SM, ELF, BK, SUM = 1500 points * resets
MG, DL, RF = 1600 points * resets
Reset reward = 40 Credits
Reset cost = 1kk Zen * resets

Grand Reset System:
Grand reset from = 200 resets
Grand reset limit = NONE
After grand reset free stat points: 1200 points * grand resets
Grand reset reward: 100 000 Credits

Webshop Shop Limits:
Maximum excellent options: NONE
Maximum socket options: 4
Maximum item level: +13
(upgrade up to +15 only in game)
Excellent + Ancient: ON
Excellent + Socket: ON
Ancient + Harmony: ON

Server and Game Features:
Reconnect System - No Disconnects
Off Leveling System - Level up offline mode 
Auto Party System - Party matching
Muun System - Get all kind of Muun Pets in game
Off-trade System - Trade items being offline
Pandora Mining System - Get jewels by mining
Monster hp, defense, damage increased - harder level up
380/400 Items work from level 0 - use all items
Blood Castle, Devil Square, Doppelganger - all gives credits
Get up to 4 Excellent options items in game
Chance rates: One = 54%, Two = 45%, Three = 1%
Get up to 4 empty sockets in game
Get Goblin Points for every 1 hour you spend online in game!
Command Offlevel cost only 1kk Zen per 1 hour
Get Credits for every 1 hour you spend online in game!

In-game Lock System Feature:

Lock/Unlock your account for extra protection
- Pilot your account without worrying your items will be lost


  • * Vote Reward, vote every 12 hours and get free CREDITS
  • * Exchange Online Hours to Credits
  • * Donate and get CREDITS
  • * Join in-game events

We're not ending there, more features will be announced after the initial release! See you there!

Posted08 / 05 / 2018Bypxmous

Currently this is only one server.